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Friday, October 29, 2021

What Is a Former Employer Allowed to Say About You?

Sometimes a job just doesn’t work out. Whether you had a difficult time with your co-workers or boss, or you found your job responsibilities to be intolerable, sometimes it’s in your best interest to leave your place of employment. Some people are able to secure a new job prior to giving notice, while others end up performing a job search after their two weeks are up. But regardless, sometimes your employer may make things difficult for you to move on. Your old employer may try to badmouth or blacklist you. But are they allowed to?

What Can Your Previous Employer Share About You?

When a job ends on a sour note, you probably hope that your previous supervisors don’t say anything about you – period. Here’s the good news: under Georgia law, there are certain comments that employers are prohibited from making. So, what can your former employer legally share about you?

Your previous employer may share the following things about you:

  • They may share any disciplinary action that can be found in your work history;
  • They may describe what your former salary and job duties consisted of;
  • They may indicate whether or not you voluntarily resigned; and
  • They may share your time off for vacation days, etc., as well as your tardiness and absences.

So, What is Your Former Employer Prohibited from Sharing About You?

Your previous employer is legally prohibited from saying anything about you that is untrue or that which cannot be substantiated in some manner. Employers are prohibited under the law from intentionally blacklisting their former employees to potential employers. Should a former lawyer violate these laws, they may be subject to legal action against them by their former employee.

Sometimes ending one job and starting another can prove to be a huge relief. Unfortunately, when your former employer unfairly tarnishes your reputation, it can impact much of your life and make finding a new job very difficult.

The GA Employment Law Attorneys at Pankey & Horlock, LLC Can Help

When you have been wrongfully blacklisted by a former employer, it can affect how you make a living and your ability to pay for the necessities. When this happens it can be devastating; you may not even know how to proceed. Fortunately, the attorneys at Pankey & Horlock, LLC understand the importance of fighting for your reputation and the damages that you have experienced. That’s why we are here to help. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, contact us today!

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